Before & After

A Professional Photographer's Home Office

A major overhaul was involved in the transformation of this cluttered, overwhelmed office space. After several sessions of purging, organizing, and simplifying, this photographer was left with a space that not only looks and functions better, but also allows her creativity to flourish.



Craft Room & Home Office

View the transformation of this office space, from cluttered and chaotic, to serene, bright, organized, and inviting.



A Marketing Executive's Home Office

A few organizing sessions, new flooring, a bit of construction and a new paint color totally revitalize this home office. It is transformed from workable, but cluttered and mundane, to streamlined, efficient and inviting.



A Master Bedroom

Three short organizing sessions transformed this bedroom, once used as a dumping ground, into an calm and relaxing space.



A Young Lady's Bedroom

A coat of pink paint, a second hand desk, and some purging, organizing, and simplifying transformed this little girl's bedroom from disheveled and crowded to orderly and serene, giving this young lady a peaceful place to play and create.


A Small Storage Room

A small empty concrete room, which was once wasted space, was transformed into a usable, organized, and pleasant storage closet. In an old farmhouse, which has no closets on the first two floors, it serves many purposes.



A Laundry Closet

A few hours, a coat of paint, and purging the obsolete, produces a transformed space to work.



Attic Space and Craft Room

4 Organizing sessions transformed 3 cluttered, unorganized, and unusable spaces into 3 distinct spaces, including attic storage, a small craft room and a spare bedroom. The results are priceless!



A Coat and Utility Closet

A few hours of work, and a lot of purging of outgrown coats and obsolete items, resulted in an organized and usable space for this busy family.



A Family Management Center

In a few short hours, we transformed a cluttered cabinet, located in the hub of the home, into a family management center, which simplifies and organizes this family's life on a daily basis.



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