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Cheryl is available to speak to your group or organization on a variety of topics, each of which are designed to assist in the pursuit of simplicity and purposeful living. She will customize her presentation for your group, ensuring a good fit with both your time frame and the specific needs of your audience. The presentations offer practical solutions combined with real-world value that your audience can begin using right away.



Available Topics:


Creating A Family Management Center: The First Step to a More Organized Home!

During this workshop, learn to take the first step toward a more organized home by creating a Family Management Center. The Family Management Center is THE go to place for any active family. It can include your calendars, schedules, quick access files (incoming and outgoing papers and communications), meal plans, cleaning schedule, Home Management Notebook and Launching Pad. You will then learn to adapt these general ideas to your specific household needs and functions. This can be the first step in living a more organized life, as you take control of your time, your calendar and the endless stream of paperwork coming and going in your home.


Dinner is on The Table (And I Haven’t Lost My Mind)!

The dinner hour is approaching and, once again, your anxiety level rises as you anticipate another trip to the grocery store or another trip to the drive through. This workshop will teach you practical skills, tricks and techniques to meal planning, organizing your kitchen and pantry for maximum efficiency, and how to actually get those meal on the table day by day!


Filing Basics for The Home

Come learn the basics of file management and take care of a major source of clutter in your home. You will learn about the 3 types of files that comprise a complete filing system (quick access files, basic working files and archive files), how to set them up, and how to maintain them. Finally, you will learn how to adapt our general principals to your specific household.


Your Children, Organized!

Is your home overwhelmed with the overflow of your children’s belongings? Come learn how to clear the clutter, reign in and organize the present and cherish the past. Learn how to set up a childhood memory box, create a school and art archive for each child, and learn creative ways of displaying and storing art work. We will also cover tips on reigning in and organizing clothing and toys.


Organizing for the Holidays

Does the month of December find you hurried and harried rather than joyful and jubilant?
This workshop will help you sail through the month of December in organized bliss as you recapture some of that energy and joy that is so often lost in the details of the days. We’ll discuss time saving strategies and ways to simplify your holiday plans that you can use year after year. We will talk about Expectations, Gift Giving, Cleaning and Decorating, Holiday Meal Planning and the Creation of a Wrapping Center.


How Can I Follow Jesus If I Can’t Find My Keys?

Cheryl will bring a bit of humor as she addresses the challenge of living a simple, balanced and organized life. She will share basic organizing principals that can be applied to all areas of our homes and lives. And she will offer practical solutions to the most common home organization and time management challenges.



Past Speaking Experience:

Cheryl has been a popular speaker, teaching organizing workshops and teaching organizing classes since 2008.

Cheryl has been teaching Continuing Education and Training classes through Carroll Community College since 2013.

Cheryl presented Organize Your Home workshops at IKEA Baltimore in 2011 and 2014.

Cheryl taught a variety of classes through the Carroll County Department of Recreation and Parks from 2008 through 2010.

Cheryl is a popular speaker for MOPS groups throughout the Annapolis, Baltimore, and Frederick areas.

Cheryl has presented many different workshops through the Carroll County Library system.






“You did a great job! Thank you! The introduction was great to hear where you are and have been and your encouragement for everyone to figure out what works for their family.”

“Excellent presentation! I really appreciated your honesty with us, letting it be clear that is a process with a long-term goal. I feel like organization is more achievable.”

“I really like seeing the real life examples that you use in your life and home. I’m not very creative, but I can copy what someone else does that works—then I can, over time, personalize it to fit our needs.”

“Awesome! Best wishes for your new business. I will refer people to you!”

“Needed more time! Thank you, Cheryl.”

“Please make a blog. Your information is priceless and we would love all your new tricks!”

“Ahhh……..Thank you Cheryl for all the great ideas and tools. I’m excited to implement them!"

“Useful ideas that are practical and easy to implement. I liked the group interaction as well.”

“Very motivating and useful information! Taking the course was a pleasure. Thank You!”



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